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Mash filter Mash filter
Mash filter Mash filter


Mash filter

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1. High production efficiency: 12 batches / day ~ 14 batches / day.
2. The requirement of raw material ratio is not high, and high proportion of auxiliary materials can be used for saccharification (>75%).
3. Raw materials without skin can be used.
4. High saccharification utilization rate (nearly 97%).
5. The filtrate has a relatively low solid content (< 5ml / L).
6. Higher mixed wort concentration (>15 ° P) and first wort concentration (≥ 30 ° P).
7. The dry matter content of dried wheat grains (>27%).
8. Lower consumption of waste washing water ≤ 2.5hl/100kg malt.
9. It can reduce the oxidation in the process of wort filtration.
10. It covers a small area and is easy to maintain. CIP cleaning only needs to be carried out once a week.
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