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Pharmaceutical filter press references


JWK SG series fully closed pharmaceutical grade clean filtration system is applied to the pharmaceutical industry GMP production equipment for easy cleaning, cleaning or disinfection, corrosion resistance requirements, filter  frame are made of high quality stainless steel, no adsorption to drugs, nor release other substances to drugs.The surface finish of 316L stainless steel on the contact surface of the filter equipment and the product reaches the standard RA < 0.6 um.

The filter plate is made of polypropylene, filter sheet and o-ring on each filter plate to realize 100% sealing of the filter unit without any leakage, eliminate the contact between the product and the surrounding environment, and meet the requirements of CIP cleaning and SIP disinfection.

Process valves of the filter unit is made of sanitary stainless steel (including the valve handwheel made of stainless steel), which is convenient to operate and easy to clean.The design of feed and liquid pipe is simple, which reduces the sanitary dead Angle caused by the interface.

The sight glass also adopts vertical design, which is convenient to observe the change of material and liquid in the production process.

According to the requirements of GMP in pharmaceutical industry, lubricants and coolants used in the production equipment shall not pollute the products or containers. The lubricating oil installed in the equipment is of food grade, thus avoiding pollution. Its driver unit adopts pneumatic control, and the design of the drive unit is far away from the inlet and outlet of the material and liquid, and adopts the fully closed design, which effectively avoids the possibility of cross-contamination between the material and liquid and lubricant.