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Chemical filter press references


JWK filter presses be installed in the Chemical industry for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, USA, Peru, Russia, etc.

Filtering and washing an acidic (sulfuric acid) slurry treatment in some undesirable, yet unavoidable by Poor cake washing and Strong corrosive medium.

It’s critical to remove as much material from the cake as possible, also larger cake accumulation results in longer filtration cycles, since more washing media equals greater cost.

Another larger problem from corrosivity, most material of Filter Press frame are carbon steel.

The washing medium is introduced during filter cake washing through a washing plate on an inlet side of the filter chambers. The washing medium then penetrates the filter cake within the entire chamber. The wash filtrate, which accumulates in the chamber pressure plate, then runs off through its defined bores. The washing medium feed can also be reversed upon request.

The particular channel of plate surface design from JWK, optimum washing results are achieved in particular.

Recommend JWK membrane filter press, when the flexible membranes are pressurized with primary pressure to stability the filter cake during cake washing will only be fully effective if the membrane pressure is slightly higher than the washing pressure.

In order to optimally prepare the Recessed filter press or membrane filter press for its long machine life right from the start, an appropriate paint finish is therefore of utmost importance. Depending on the area of application or ambient conditions of the filter press, however, further measures may be necessary to protect against corrosion (corrosion protection).

JWK Filter Press offers a wide range of surface protection variants:

1. Splash and contact protection PP material as possible

2. For Filter plate shifting as Shifter, Cover of chain, Cover of sprocket are PP material as possible

3. Epoxy resin coating Layer thickness 350 µm, JOTUN Painting International brand, or the Glass Flake be added in the significant corrosion protection and a abrasion resistance.

4. Hard Rubber coating

5. Splash guard curtain

The filter press, to include as standard:

Main unit, beam steel structure, sealing hydraulic cylinder, head piece, end piece, single-plates shifting, pull-wire switch.

Hydraulic power unit,

Electrical control panel,

Complete set of plate pack and cloth.

Options to include:

Bomb doors / Drip tray / Swivel plate/

Full Automatic Cloth washing device / Manual cloth washing gun

Header piece piping and valves – Slurry feeding valve, Air blowing valve, Filtrate discharge vavle, Core blowing valve, etc.

Siemens PLC and HMI, DCS communication

Light curtain

End guards and splash curtains